Medicolegal Report Writing

Criminal Proceedings

Many people who have acted illegally do not realise that their actions may have, at least in part, been linked to vulnerabilities in their mental health, about which they were unaware at the time. One’s state of mind at the time of committing an offence may have been skewed due to feel depressed, manic, on the verge of psychological breakdown, or being in the throes of an addiction.

If you are facing criminal proceedings, it can be helpful to the Court to obtain a perspective from a psychiatrist (an Expert Witness) trained in medicolegal work. This may help to identify key past or current events or psychological vulnerabilities that may have predisposed an individual to behaving in the way that they have, which can radically alter the perspective of the Court.

I have a broad range of experience in preparing psychiatric evaluations for the following issues:

  • Illegal use of pornography
  • Assault
  • Stalking/Harassment
  • Fraud
  • Theft

I am also able to provide an opinion for persons who are undergoing formal proceedings with their Professional Body or Employer.

Clinical Supervision

I have worked extensively as a Clinical Supervisor across a wide range of settings. I am therefore able to provide regular or one-off psychoanalytically-oriented supervision to counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists or psychiatrists working with complex presentations, persons who present risks to themselves or others, and persons suffering with sexual addictions.