“My sessions with Dr Williams were a lifeline during a very difficult and challenging time. They helped me gain a level of self-awareness and understanding that was fundamental to working through my situation and making decisions that were wholly my own. Dr Williams was consistently professional, insightful and empathetic, remembering even the smallest details from previous sessions. I’m now in a much better place and so grateful for the work with did together. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Sarah, anxiety and relationship difficulties

“I have been a patient of Dr Williams for more than one year, and found him to be extremely likeable and empathic. As a therapist he was very effective at a difficult time in my life. I would recommend him to anyone interested in taking a psychoanalytic approach to their problems…”

Alex, family problems

“I came to Dr Williams as I described to him ‘broken’, having had two psychiatric hospital inpatient admissions the previous year. By the time I started seeing him, I thought that no one could help my severe depression and anxiety. I had tried all kinds of therapies in the past including CBT, cognitive hypnotherapy and counselling to name but a few. None of these helped me – they barely scratched at the surface, and I was frankly desperate.

It took a good few sessions for me to start putting my trust in Dr Williams, but when I did, I soon realised that I was in a very safe space; the relief was so enormous. I slowly started to open up and began to open up about extremely traumatic issues that I had buried for several decades. He is an extremely sensitive therapist and did not push me on issues which I was not ready to discuss.

Psychoanalysis is an intense therapy and makes you think deeply. It is not a quick fix, but rather a journey which is allowing me to access the traumatic issues which I have kept buried. It can be very painful at times but I know that I am being fully supported. I cannot recommend Dr Williams highly enough – he is a superb therapist, extremely well qualified in his field and a consummate professional. The therapy is turning my life around – something I would not have dared to believed”.

Jane, trauma, anxiety and depression